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“Be The Voice For The Voiceless” Grandmother Agnes Baker-Pilgrim

“The general who advances without coveting fame and retreats without fearing disgrace, whose only thought is to protect his country and do good service for his sovereign, is the jewel of the nation.”– Sun Tzu, The Art of War

Voice Of The Voiceless

siletz river

New Moon. August 11 2018. Illahee Spirit Runners traveled over the mountain to support an indigenous lead grassroots effort to protect the Siletz River which has been having waste put into it. Illahee Advisor payed respects at the grave of Chief DePoe as requested be our co-founder who is deceased. Our co-founder’s grandmother was married to Chief DePoe and is burried in the Siletz graveyard. Illahee Advisor connected by phone with Siletz Tribal council and in person at Siletz pow wow. Responses from from Tribal Council on why people aren’t protecting the river and the land varied from “I hope They Stop” and “We will be at the meeting to see how it goes”. to “Its peoples free will to not protect the land and the water”. and “Its been happening for 20 years”. I will leave you to let those responses soak in. I was able to meet with a Azteca man who told me about the river getting sick over what he said was 25 years. Shellfish and crawfish getting sick. Otters getting sick and dying. Steelhead getting sick and dying. The shellfish need the steelhead and the salmon he said. Their eggs get in the gills of the fish and hitch a ride up stream. He told me of so many lamprey eels that it would look like a giant snake coming up the river. Over time less and less eels until there were no more. I have eaten the lamprey eel before and i know that some elders prefer it to the salmon. Its a little greasy but its really really good. As we walked in the parade through Siletz i heard a simple looking man who’s face told a story shout out “I wish i had some good eels to eat”! I was pleased that many young people showed up to take some of their first steps in the movement. They are the most impacted. I think its them who will have to act now or they will inherit a dead river that may take a hundred years or more to heal. I think about the Atlantic Salmon and how its extinct in the wild. I think about how 140 species are going extinct every day. I don’t know how anyone can operate in a reality where thats not important to them. I met with potential female indigenous leaders and what i could locate of traditionalists or what at my best recollection resemble traditionalists.  I thought: What would Dino Butler do? What would Chief John do? I struggle with how to reach the youth. Their input, creative energy, youthful ethics free of the corruptions of someone who might have come to accept injustice over time. I will help bring about new leaders. I waited in a short line that always seems to be formed to wait to talk to Grandmother Agnes Baker Pilgrim. When it was my turn i got down on a knee and i said “do you remember me” I told her my name and my rank. She said “I remember your name”. I asked her how do i motivate the youth? She said to pass on her words. I think this is a good thing. I think i will do just as she asked. I told her the kids are afraid what do i do? What do i tell them? She said “Tell them to be the voice for the voiceless. Tell them that god will protect them. God will look out for them. I could see that she believes this completely and it is unavoidable to see how much she cares for the world. We are waiting for the go ahead to do some kind of prayerful nonviolent confrontation. At this time i seek that my help be requested.

Walk For Nuclear Disarmament 2018

20180727951149521July 27 2018. Illhee Advisor met Peace Walkers for nuclear disarmament on the river Willamala. Advisor passes a smudge of cedar for protection for the day. This would be Illahee Advisors third sacred walk/run with members of Ground Zero. Ground Zero is working with American Indian Movement so the day was a bit of a reunion for Illahee Advisor who was joined by his Aunt and Grandfather. Uncle Bob was present and ended up leading the walk. I heard Bob, a native man from “California” say he had been on many sacred walks since last we walked together. I could tell this was true because when he walked he was communicating with his hands. To the Great Spirit, to the walkers and to the world. He had that fast A.I.M walk like he been on the road for a while. Walkers walked to the confluence of the rivers. This is a sacred place to the Kalupuya. As we approached i seen the salmon had come to join us. I have seen many animals join prayer walk/runs in the past including dogs, antelope, wild horses, goats, and raptors including many eagles. I was excited to see the fish join us. Some of us formed bonds on the A.I.M Salmon Walk at the end of last year. Our combined prayer seemed to have summoned the salmon that day. We met with many spiritual communities, A synagogue, the mosque, the zen temple, the Quaker house. Also an encounter with the young leader of the N.A.A.C.P seemed promising for future alliances with the Illahee Spirit Runners. Later going back by the river Uncle Bob and Illahee Advisor did a prayer for the river and sand a sacred song. Turtle shell rattle was used. New connections were formed. Illahee Advisor spoke the truth about white supremacy at O.S.U and confronted a gatekeeper from the colony of Corvallis who has continued to be arrogant and disrespectful in her organizing. Illahee Advisor wittled away at the gatekeeper using moral and ethical arguments backed up by research counter. It appears Illahee Advisor even inspired the Buddhist Monk Kanaeda Senji to speak about American Activists being exclusionary in their organizing spaces. Illahee Advisor got the evening meal prayer which he included the Martin Luther King Jr. quote

“True peace is not merely the absence of tension: it is the presence of justice.”

This is the same quote Illahee Advisor said to the group at last years anti nuke walk. This indicates limited growth from the colony of Corvallis. Gatekeepers exposed to the movement beyond the trappings of the colony seem to not be able to stand. Their tactics are made possible by isolation. Its adult bullying and its preventing the unification of peoples to protect the earth and solve our mutual problems. Walkers were able to solidify their bonds. I have known from these walks a sense of (Maiingan) family. It was good to see three generation of my family stand together for the same cause. I seen 3 keepers of the fire united. Illahee Advisor received wisdom after the walk from his Aunt which will assist him in his struggles to protect the wolf and the land/water. Illahee Advisor was welcomed to stay at the Temple on Bainbridge island anytime. Illahee Advisor made a has made a connection with a youth from the temple. The youth seems intrigued by Illahee Advisor who showed up with wolves at last years event. Illahee Advisor and the youth agreed to meet in the future and stand up to injustice together. In this way Illahee Advisor is becoming more than the invisible warrior he is becoming the invincible warrior who will live on in the hearts and minds of the youth.

Lightning Makes No Sound Until It Strikes

Lightning_Strikes_Photography+10My experience at Poor Peoples Campaign is going well. I have used support i have gained from them to reach the office of Governor Kate Brown twice. While i was there i was able to speak about wolves as a culturally significant animal. The Governor has been hard to reach on this and dodged nearly 20 wolf groups on the topic in 2017. I was also able to bring up the topic of ending the Indian Wars the longest war. I heard stories from people of 4 races of the medicine wheel. I was moved by those stories. Ive been able to lead all marches i was present for. I have been able to speak in an effective way and have conveyed a generous amount of information. On more than one occasion lightning came out of my mouth. I think the protest song ‘Somebody’s Hurting My Brother’ is fitting. It makes for good metaphor. Miingan being brother to Original Man. Poor Peoples Campaign talks about standing on the backs of giants. I stood on the backs of Harry Charger descendant of Fool Soldiers who had a non violent vision to negotiate for the release of prisoners during the Dakota War and Edward Benton-Benai who was spiritual leader for American Indian Movement. Not only is it the 50th anniversary of when King was shot its also the 30th anniversary of the American Indian Religious Freedom Act which came 4 years after Eddie Benton-Benai influenced the reintroduction of wolves by citing Anishinabe Spirituality I agree with the shifting the moral narrative idea. I think i have always been doing that and its a big help to find people that feel the same way about it. It felt solid to connect with people from many religions. I feel like i may be reaching the Governors assistant. The staff recognizes me and i think i even have a fan whos a state trooper. It must be interesting to see this drama unfold from their perspective. I like the use of music. I like that song New Unsettling Force. I think its badass. One of the first things i learned with the American Indian Movement was the power of a song. The A.I.M song. Later with Illahee Spirit Runners i used the Anishinabe Wolf Song. I played the Anishinabe Wolf Song at the Capitol June 18. I explained there is a revival of indigenous spirituality and its scares the powers that be. It scares them even more when they see we are supported by the others. Various groups pledged their long term involvement. Illahee Spirit Runners was one of those groups along with a Yaqui man whos head of a farm workers group. Poor Peoples Campaign has a list of relevant and bold demands. https://www.poorpeoplescampaign.org/demands/

The P.P.C is bringing attention to the four evils Martin Luther King JR. spoke of. Poverty, Racism, Militarism and Ecological Devastation. Its clear to see they are all related. Ive been able to communicate and get my needs listened to which has been a challenge in the current political climate and i think thats really outstanding. I see some areas to improve on. One seems to be getting past some media blackout issues. The other one is we are going to have to do some sneak ups so they won’t see us coming. “Lightning makes no sound until it strikes”. Martin Luther King Jr. This seems like something the Invisible Warrior would have experience in. Its down to tactics and logistics. Ive been gettin my teacher wolf on. There was talk today of low numbers. I assured the people there were those amongst them who could effect change with 5 person teams. I spoke a powerful truth that if we have even 25 person teams we will be overwhelming.

Whos Down And Who Really Loves Us


Its good to take stock of alliances its good to honor the people who honor us. Its up to native resistance to decide who is our allies. It can also be helpful to remind ourselves when we feel lack of solidarity and isolation. Below is a list of groups we are friendly with a second that we are potentially friendly with and is up to them to take the next the step to improve relations. I think our alliances display our bold attempts to create unity. I think it speaks volumes that we are an entity that brings traditional, radical and liberal elements together. Some of these groups don’t even always agree but they agree on Illahee Spirit Runners. We give people chances to improve their standings and at least one group got off our boycott list by choosing to interact with us in a more respectful way. If you’ve burnt some bridges try sending a canoe.

FRIENDLY: Idle No More Washington, Brown Berets, Howl Across America, , Native Hoop Magazine, Chintimini Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, B.A.R.K, A.I.M Confederation Of Autonomous Chapters, Dirty Hands Collective, A.I.M Grand Governing Council, Earthfirst!, Idle No More Official, A.A.R.P (All African Revolutionary Party), Tokala Warrior Society, Native Youth Movement, Gichitwaawendan Aandeg Kagakshi Dotem (Potowatomi Warrior Society), Censored News, our Advisor has membership with Akicita Heyoka (Fool Soldiers Warrior Society), M.A.M.A (Mothers Against Meth Alliance), Humbolt Green Party, Reclaim Turtle Island, A.S.A.P (Allied Students For Another Politics), Wildlife Defence League, Buffalo Field Campaign, Deep Green Resistance, Ground Zero, Union Members For The Preservation Of Wildlife, Autonomous A.I.M Pueblo Colorado, Peace And Dignity Journeys, Northwoods Wolf Alliance. Honor The Earth, Warriors And Ranchers For Wolves And Wild Horses,

POTENTIALLY FRIENDLY: Corvallis Veterans For Peace, Corvallis Green Party, Rising Tide, M.E.C.H.A, Predator Defense, Oregon Wild, Indigenous Environmental Network, United Urban Warrior Society, Cree Warrior Society.

We have a boycott list and people are welcome to inquire about it if they wish to see. It currently has 10 groups on it.

Illahee Spirit Runners is whole heartedly believed in and supported by loving and invisible individuals including your wife, your mother, and your grandmother.

Written By: Keeper Of The Fire

Getting In Step


This document created by the resistance. It was made for Poor Peoples Campaign. Please feel free to implement. Share as a tool. Illahee 2018

For those who don’t know only a few years ago natives weren’t allowed to lead marches on our own lands. Issues like invisibilization and 400 years of co-optation, white fear, ect led to this. Then the left improved upon this but still fell short in many ways and still seem stuck on tokenization. We created this from a decade of experience in the red power movement. It should be considered for order of public speakers as well as marches.

1. Indigenous resistance groups/members would go first preferably ogitchidaw/akicita and or groups that have approval from elders and or are serving the people. This goes into incentives. People who are confronting and disrupting injustice directly should be at the front. Courage was celebrated in our cultures. (Academics should be avoided here and anyone who has been absent or widely absent from resistance. This leads to talk of resistance or classes on resistance while current and often intense resistance is overlooked and made even more invisible).

2. Full blood females are next. This is a special time for them. People who know their language should be up here to. To know indigenous language is to have think in a way that is free from the colonial thought process. In Kalapuya territory Kalapuya go first. In Paiute Territory Paiute go first. Consider age and honor people 60 or over as elders

3. Full blood males are next.

4. We have up to 7 understandings of gender so this could look different based on how people view themselves.

5. All other natives including pacific islanders kingdom of Tonga, Hawaii, Aztec, Maya, Natives who were adopted and uncertain of tribal origin. People who were adopted into tribes by relative making ceremony ect.

These things are done to further the efforts of indigenous resistors to gain control over our own destinies on our own lands. These things and all things we do are to be done with love and with the next 7 generations in mind.


Wolf Pack Rides Again


On March 14th 2018. I have let out a howl. I have asked for the sweet invitation of sweetgrass. Many tribes and people of the four races including 100 white eagles have been summoned to Illahee and are making their way to Kalapuya territory to stop a wolf hunt before it starts. In the morning i went to connect with devoted followers of the revival of indigenous spirituality that is taken place over the wolf. Once we were together we took action at a rural office of Fish And Wildlife in Adair Village. A telephone action started it off and flooded the phones all day. Tribes involved were Apache, Shoshone, Paiute, Potwatomi, Lakota/Dakota, Blackfeet, Karuk, Yurok, Panamnik. A first demonstration took place inside the building. The Anishinabe wolf song was sung. We left to make them think were were leaving for the day. We made ourselves invisible. We came back. Multiple holy songs and prayers started flying around the office. The drum and rattle were used. A giant smudge happened containing sage from Standing Rock the people of my great grandmother. Tobacco was placed on the ground to make certain we were heard by ALL THAT IS ALIVE AND MYSTERIOUS. We negotiated to have the director call his boss. We ask wolf be protected under the American Indian Religious Freedom Act of 1978. We left to take a break and make sure law enforcement wasn’t showing up just yet. Sure enough we were tailed by state police. County Sheriff also responded. All were powerless against our prayers. We recognized this as an attempt at intimidation. Thing is people been trying to intimidate me since i was 3 years old. Ive been through much and i don’t scare easy. We set our determination to take over the building and shut it down for as long as we could. Ultimately we disrupted the agency from 11 am to 2 pm indian time. Handfuls of pens were scattered across the counters. Each pen was said to represent hundreds and thousands of petitions that have been signed to protect wolves in the wild. It was conveyed to the director that if an agreement that is less brutal is not reached that it will be time to return B.L.M and Fish And Wildlife to the rightful stewards, the original people. This was our longest takeover of the year and it was spurred on by a wolf hunt that has been proposed in the so called state of “Oregon”. It was epic. It was also spurred on by grief. I have come to realize im feeling the pain and injustice of the world. Perhaps im empathic. Perhaps im just in tuned. Personal grieving, a feeling of needing to secure the future of the next 7 generations and to make good on my responsibilities as an Akicita and Regional A.I.M/Idle No More Founder and Advisor. It was spurred on by the heart of a mother who is sending warriors my way to be mended and sent forward like arrows from my bow. It  was spurred on by love and its not over. A meeting has been scheduled for April 19 and 20 in Astoria Oregon. Word is the wolf plan has been postponed indefinitely and we are already victorious. Aware that this could be propaganda and an attempt to quell dissent we will press on up to and beyond the date of the meeting if need be. If we are heard and the outcome is favorable we will ease up and relax on the target for the time being. If the decision is not in favor of our relative the wolf it will only cause us to intensify the struggle. The people of 3 continents are watching us. The ghost dancers are still dancing. Holy Holy Medicine. We cover our faces so you can see our hearts. Our sacrifice and struggle will effect the reality in the lives of the children of all races of the human family on Turtle island. Like  Tasunka Witco said “Upon suffering beyond suffering the red nation will rise again, and it will be a blessing for a sick world. We are that blessing. The physical manifestation of prayer.

Written By: Nobody.

Run To The Capitol


When  we got word that a wolf hunt could be proposed for as early as April it spurred us into action. Our belief is that by the time the so called public meeting takes place we will be on the receiving end of whatever decision they made without us. We organized a 50 mile prayer run to the capitol to raise awareness. We carried a message to protect wolf under the American Indian Religious Freedom Act of 1978.  Two wolves walked with us and the people of Kalapuya territory. We meet with people who stopped along the road. Two of us did most of the miles. Once we remembered to focus and stay in prayer it seemed like we were moving fast. The run inspired people from neighboring towns and reservation to join in. Confrontations using the drum, rattle and sage like weapons. We visited our old friends in Adair Village a rural location that has been the subject of our unrelenting pressure having never let up even when we were underground.  We also visited a new location in a bold new move. We meet with the Director of B.L.M. We were held up at the security door so we waited for them to come out. We could see the people nervous in the building. I shared a story about a friend who was stuck out in a flash flood rain storm with a grizzly bear. He said the bear was inside his mind and it was already eating him. We attempted to enter their minds and eat them. In this way it was a psychological victory. When they finally did come out we spoke eloquently for the wolf and played the wolf song. We then went to the Capitol building and tried to meet with the Governor who has dodged 18 conservation groups including us this being our second trip to the Governors office in the last 6 months. http://www.wweek.com/news/2017/08/17/conservation-groups-ask-gov-kate-brown-to-stop-state-sanctioned-wolf-killing/

It was a busy day at the Capitol. Best just to say we rallied some people who came over from Grand Ronde and people in Salem and went to the last location of the day which was ODFW Headquarters. We went into the building and we were able to get on the second floor. We played the wolf song and we were exploring the building. Satisfied we had seen everything we proceeded to do a round dance in the main office and requested dialogue. The head of wildlife was on location and able to listen to our concerns. Feeling satisfied we were heard we  left to go rest up. The next day a couple of us went to Fern Ridge Wildlife Viewing Area. We did a sneak up and let the wolf song into the repair shop at the viewing area. We tried to get into the main office but it was locked. By now direct actions have dwindled and we wait for new people to join. I have offered myself as a helper to others hoping they will  reciprocate and do the same for us in return. We have asked for friends to journey to Illahee before the upcoming fish and wildlife commission meeting. The time and location of the meeting keep changing. ODFW is reluctant to deal with the public as both sides are disgruntled. ODFW is between a rock and a hard place.

Written by: Nobody